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Album Cover: Begin To Hope

"On the radio, you hear November Rain. That solo's awful long, but it's a good refrain."
Regina Spektor / On The Radio

Posted on March 03, 2008 4:35 PM in Personal
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As my fiancée's and my wedding quickly approaches, we've been tying up some loose ends and getting our house in order (both literally and figuratively). We've also been getting more notifications about registry gifts and other things that remind us our big day is near. One notification in particular stood out, simply because it contained probably one of the most forward-thinking statements I've heard (or read, in this case). After informing my fiancée and I that we'd be receiving a gift in the mail, it contained a small reminder:

PS. Please keep us in mind for your future anniversaries (Especially your 50th).

I guess they're banking on the idea that my memory will still be halfway decent in 2058 ;)


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