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Album Cover: The Bends

"All your insides fall to pieces; you just sit there wishing you could still make love."
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Posted on March 08, 2008 1:23 PM in Music
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After originally posting about the release of Nine Inch Nails' latest album, Ghosts I-IV, shortly after it was made available, I've had more time to listen to the four acts of which it is comprised, and I have to say it's another great NIN release.

Of its 36 tracks, though, there are some obvious stand-outs in my opinion, so I've listed them below:

Album Cover of 'Ghosts I-IV'

1 Ghosts I
This track is a nice, moody intro, much like the album's last track is a nice, moody outro.

3 Ghosts I
The rapid plucking sound is awesome and there are even some Egyptian-like sounds thrown in around the two-minute mark.

The bulk of the rest of acts I and II consist of some almost country western sounds and some bells -- even some of the gritty distortion one expects from a NIN release. However, while the tracks are all good, they aren't stand-outs when compared to what follows.

20 Ghosts III
There aren't many tracks from any artist in which you get to hear one drum beat completely chomp on and devour another.

21 Ghosts III
This one has some of the aforementioned bells from acts I and II mixed in with evolving synth sounds. It transitions very nicely into...

22 Ghosts III
This track starts with a sweet (in the "aww" sense of the word) piano sound. It is almost too inspirational for a NIN track. It is then immediately followed by...

23 Ghosts III
Four words: gritty, up-tempo, powerful distortion.

25 Ghosts III
The successor to a track that sounds like old school NIN, this one sounds like aliens invading, really quietly.

27 Ghosts III
I love the siren-like wailing and the high-pitched guitar squeals.

32 Ghosts IV
This track has a great, driving sound with more of those plucked strings. I really like the way the song ends so cleanly.

34 Ghosts IV
The evolution of this track is quite haunting. This is one of a few tracks in which I swear I hear Trent's backing vocals.

35 Ghosts IV
The recurring "double squeak" (you like that?) and the killer, albeit short, guitar solo toward the end of this track make it one of my favorites on the album.

All-in-all, the biggest weakness of Ghosts I-IV is that there are no vocals, but that is also one of its biggest strengths -- you learn to appreciate the textures and various roles of all the sounds.

The great thing about this album is that it lets you in gracefully, gets a little unpredictable, and then gets really strong toward the end. It gets so strong, in fact, that I am anxiously awaiting acts V and beyond.


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