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Posted on April 05, 2008 9:47 PM in Sports
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Even though I've been bleeding Carolina blue for about a decade-and-a-half, I'm fairly certain I haven't followed the men's basketball team any closer than I followed the 2007-2008 squad. So on a night where things went awry against a somewhat unpredictable Kansas team, to see my Heels' run at a championship end in the Final Four stings just a little bit more than I'm used to.

If there's any solace to be had from the loss, it may come from the idea that it may convince Psycho T to return for his senior season. The fact that so many of the starters were sophomores softens the blow a bit, too.

Nevertheless, I'll be watching attentively come Monday night, anxious to see if the high-flying Kansas squad shows up against Memphis or if the somewhat skittish team that showed up against Davidson in the previous round shows up instead.

With the exception of the Tar Heels (and my obvious bias), I've felt all season long that Memphis was the best team in the country, so I'm anticipating seeing them cut down the nets on Monday night. But who knows, maybe my "pickability" has become as off-the-mark as a Carolina jumper in the first half tonight.


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