On the Resonance of Eddie Vedder's Music

Album Cover: Kid A

"We got heads on sticks. You got ventriloquists."
Radiohead / Kid A

Posted on April 20, 2008 2:44 PM in Music
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I caught this in an article at Yahoo!Xtra News today:

While [Eddie Vedder] has yet to write a song that has as much resonance as the work of his heroes [Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, etc.]...

Though I'm admittedly a little biased, I strongly disagree with this statement. The only key difference is that Eddie Vedder's best songs (songs like "I Am Mine," "Thumbing My Way," "Present Tense," and "Guaranteed" immediately come to mind) haven't had the advantage of time to demonstrate their longevity and poignancy.


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