Consolation in the Eyes of Dell

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Posted on April 28, 2008 8:30 PM in Personal
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I ordered a non-PC electronics product from Dell on April 2nd. I received a pretty good deal on it, so I was pretty excited about the purchase. The boilerplate order confirmation I received via email noted that my estimated ship date would be April 17th. I hoped that that was simply boilerplate and nothing more, since I wasn't buying a custom PC, but rather an electronics product that is manufactured by someone other than Dell.

However, April 17th arrived and my order had not yet shipped. In fact, at that time I received an email from Dell informing me that the shipment of my order had been delayed due to product availability issues. I was told shipment would be delayed by a week, and was therefore estimated for April 24th.

When April 24th arrived, I had no email from Dell. I received nothing to confirm shipment and nothing to explain why the shipment hadn't yet happened. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the order status link I had received in my original order confirmation, and I was taken to a page explaining that my order had been canceled due to the product I ordered having been discontinued by the manufacturer. Keep in mind, I received no email from Dell explaining the cancellation. If I hadn't checked that link, I probably still wouldn't know to this day what the status of my order was.

In exchange for the three weeks of my time that were wasted waiting for my order, I received what I perceived to be a consolation email today, offering 10% off any purchase toward electronics, software and accessories. The kicker?

Expires 05/02/08.

Oh, so you can waste my time, but I can't waste yours, huh Dell?

You just gave one loyal Gateway customer even more reason to remain loyal.


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