Iterating on a Set of Files from the Windows Command Line

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Posted on May 08, 2008 6:04 PM in Computers
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I'm not a big fan of batch files, most likely because I was exposed to bash scripts well before I ever started to delve into the former. Anyway, I didn't feel like switching to a bash prompt or writing a bash script today when faced with the challenge of iterating on all files of a certain type to perform the same operation on multiple files.

Therefore, I decided I wanted to do something directly from the Windows command line if possible, and shortly thereafter discovered a poorly designed yet inversely informative page on batch file commands that included the following information on the FOR command:

The syntax for this command is: FOR variable in (set list) DO command

The variable must be in the form of one alphabetic character preceeded [sic] by %%; e.g., %%v.

However, if you run the FOR command outside of a batch file, simply from the system prompt, just use a single % in the variable name.

I gave it a shot, and it did what I needed. Here's an example for completion's sake:

FOR %Z IN (*.pl) DO perl %Z

I figured I'd jot it down here at my blog in case the need presents itself in the future (or someone else finds it useful).


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