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Posted on July 17, 2008 10:32 PM in Personal
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I went to the dentist for the first time in over six years on Wednesday. According to the hygienist there, apparently cases like mine are quite common -- twenty-somethings who end up taking a break from dentistry while they make the transition from college to a stable job, get insurance all figured out, etc. That doesn't make the fact that it's taken me over six years to get back there any less embarrassing, though.

A few things happened that were notable:

  • I actually told the hygienist I was glad to be back at the dentist's office (has anyone ever said this before?).
  • The hygienist told me I've been brushing my teeth well -- in fact, perhaps too well. She said the trauma from my brushing appears to have caused my gums to recede in a few places, exposing the nerves near the roots of my teeth (which explains the twinges of pain I've been feeling when certain teeth encounter cold water and breezes).
  • The dentist told me that I have pretty severe decay goin' on in my two upper-back driver's side molars. He wants to get to work on those immediately in the hopes that it will prevent me having to endure a root canal.

That last thing resulted in me getting scheduled for a follow-up appointment two days later, which means I'll be back in the chair tomorrow for those who didn't minor in math. My outlook may have changed slightly by then, but for now I'm still glad I finally made my way back to the dentist and have a plan of action for getting my oral health back on track.


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