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"Before you slip into unconsciousness, I'd like to have another kiss. Another flashing chance at bliss."
The Doors / The Crystal Ship

Posted on August 18, 2008 12:25 AM in Personal
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If you didn't already know, I was born in Puyallup, Washington, which, for whatever reason, was a hotbed for future NFL players. I wasn't one of them, unfortunately, but I do remember heading down to Sparks Stadium for the big Rams vs. Vikings game when I was a 9th grader at Ferrucci Junior High. That game between the two big Puyallup rivals always drew big crowds, and it was an exciting game to go watch as a 9th grader.

One of the main things I remember about that game, aside from the Vikings absolutely destroying the team I'd later play for (the Vikings had quite a run going for a while), was watching both Brock Huard and Dane Looker play. They made for quite a duo, and I specifically remember watching Dane Looker catch a pass from Brock Huard in the corner of the end zone only a few feet away from me (I was watching up against the fence near the field).

The memory occurred to me tonight after seeing a link at The Husky Football Blog about Dane Looker fighting for a roster spot with the St. Louis Rams. As pointed out by both the blog and the article, Dane Looker is now 32 years old, and I'm no longer fifteen either.


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