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"Time will turn us into statues, eventually."
Foo Fighters / Statues

Posted on October 04, 2008 7:48 PM in Personal
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A couple months ago, my wife got a bee in her bonnet about us getting another cat. We already have two cats and a dog that could pretty much pass as one. However, my wife wouldn't relent, and I eventually caved.

A couple of weeks ago, we welcomed a Scottish Fold kitten into our zoo home. Coming up with a name for her was hard, just because I think my wife and I place a lot of importance in a name -- probably more so than most and definitely to a fault. However, we eventually arrived at "Fiona," and this is her:

You'd think at this point we'd be at capacity, but we can't forget the other little addition scheduled to show up two months from tomorrow.


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This is so cute. I like the name Fiona. I think, it suits her.


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