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"On the radio, you hear November Rain. That solo's awful long, but it's a good refrain."
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Posted on December 31, 2008 11:52 PM in Personal
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2008 was arguably the most important year of my life thus far. I thought a good way to end another year of blogging would be to recap some of the things that happened this year, linking back to the relevant blog entries where applicable.

Back in January, my wife and I took a trip to Arizona to spend time with family. It was a good way to spend our 8th anniversary together -- though we've got a new anniversary now (more on that later). Earlier in the month, I also posted my 1,000th entry here at my blog. My car registered its 150,000th mile that month as well.

In February, my wife and I spent a nice Valentine's Day together. That was the month I finally started to get wise.

March, which ended up being one of the best months of my life, got off to a great start, and my Tar Heels were ranked #1 in the country (sounds familiar!). My former high school football coach got hired by the University of Washington Huskies. Then, to top things off, I married the girl of my dreams in Jamaica and spent an amazing honeymoon primarily on the beach. To end the month, I ran into Marcus Tubbs just days after having crossed paths with Leroy Hill in the Caribbean.

April got off to a bit of a rough start when my Tar Heels underachieved in the Final Four. To make up for it, I got naked. I also built an HTPC and finally made use of a depth-first search algorithm a full six years after graduating from college. I got hooked on John Adams and, true-to-form, recounted my musical tastes over the previous 365 days. I said goodbye to one of my favorite Seahawks of all time and then to close out the month, I performed some up-keep on my car.

May was pretty big, too, even if only for the fact that I got to see my daughter for the very first time. Then, in June, my wife and I attended the First Annual Bobby Engram Celebrity Softball Game (hopefully it doesn't end up being his last, given his current free agent status with the Seahawks). I also bought a lawn mower.

To kick off July, I had a close call with some meat and then enjoyed a beautiful day of golf. I also became a little less ambiguous about my wife being pregnant. I released Tagnacious that month as well, and then went to the dentist for the first time in six years.

The biggest thing that may have happened in August was that I canceled my Netflix account. ;)

September more than made up for August, though, at least in terms of goings on. I started off the month by attending Bumbershoot with my friend Mike. I also dealt with a nasty computer virus and we welcomed a new kitten into our home. On September 24th, the sixth anniversary of me being employed by my current employer, I was promoted to the director level.

In stark contrast to that last note, toward the end of October, the company by which I am employed laid off half of its employees. Fortunately for me, I was on the "sticking around" end of that proposition, but it was one of the hardest experiences I've had to deal with, and most certainly the hardest I've had to face in my professional career.

In November, my fellow countrymen and countrywomen helped elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America.

A mysterious fog crept in at the tail end of November and the very beginning of December. 24 hours later, my daughter was born. Shortly thereafter, a snow storm struck Seattle and my wife, my baby and I were stranded at home for many days.

The weather has since subsided, our baby keeps on growing (and getting cuter -- but I'm biased), and 2008 dwindles away with every passing minute. In fact, I'm pretty sure I killed at least 30 minutes writing this post. I need to go spend some time with the family and watch the Space Needle fireworks on TV (that is, if they actually work this year). In the immortal words of Old Blue Eyes, "it was a very good year."

Happy New Year to everyone, and may 2009 surpass all your expectations, just like 2008 surpassed all mine.


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