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"How could this love, ever changing, never change the way I feel?"
Beck / Lonesome Tears

Posted on January 07, 2009 9:18 PM in Music
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A few weeks back while updating my PayPal account information, I noticed that I had a balance on my account. I didn't remember why, but I carried on with my business and kinda forgot about it.

Tonight, I was listening to my favorite online radio station, Radio Paradise, and thinking to myself, "this station is so darn good that I feel like I should make a donation." After all, much like Code Red Mountain Dew and Ferraris, Radio Paradise is a gift to us from the gods.

Remembering my PayPal balance, I decided to check and see if Radio Paradise accepts PayPal as a form of payment for donations, and sure enough, they do.

I just made my donation, making Radio Paradise around $50 richer. But why not? My Internet radio listening experience is all the richer knowing there's a station that, in a sequence of six songs, could manage to pack in the sheer brilliance of Orbital's "The Box," Frou Frou, Coldplay and Goldfrapp's "A&E." And that's just scratching the surface.


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