The Resuscitation of Tripod

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Posted on February 12, 2009 5:44 PM in Web Development
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While catching up on Simon Willison's feed, I stumbled upon his mention that the Tripod web hosting service was set to shut down. Strangely enough, today, a few weeks after his post, I checked Google News for more details and found an article posted just over an hour beforehand reporting that Lycos Europe found a last-minute buyer and the service will no longer be shutting down.

I'm still not 100% clear on whether the shutdown would have affected Tripod in the United States, but nevertheless, it reminded me of the old days when I could be reached at Maybe Tripod doesn't quite go that far back, but anybody who was tinkering around with HTML and building homepages back in the 90s surely remembers stumbling upon pages hosted by Tripod in between AltaVista searches and experiments in self-expression.

It would be a shame to see Tripod go, if only for the nostalgia of it all. But realistically speaking, has anyone done a pulse check of those six million users?


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