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Posted on April 06, 2009 12:28 AM in Personal
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Aside from an unfortunate outcome in the car department, things have been going pretty well as of late. Last weekend, we packed up our things and drove down to Portland to visit my brother- and sister-in-law and my niece. The weather on the drive down was a bit dreary, but things actually cleared up a bit when we got down to Oregon. We spent some good quality time down there, and Heidi enjoyed getting to watch her niece in action.

Saturday night, my wife's brother introduced her and me to Wii Fit, which subsequently told me I'd probably only live a few more years. ;) Then on Sunday, my sister-in-law took a walk with us around the neighborhood. I had to cut that short, though, once I realized the Oklahoma/Carolina game was about to start.

However, my cutting short was to soon be outdone by my daughter, who in the middle of the afternoon decided that she didn't feel like being in a happy mood anymore, and we therefore had to pack things up earlier than anticipated and make the long drive back home. The drive home was pretty decent, and the only real item of note was the car with flames (real flames!) coming out of its hood as we got pretty close to home. I'm not sure I'll ever see anything like that again (or I should hope not, anyway).

It wasn't until that night that I got to actually watch my Tar Heels take care of the Sooners. That was, of course, fun to see.

Last week was a bit rough for me due to work- and family-related stuff, but I made it through to this weekend and got rewarded for it. Yesterday morning I got to spend a lot of time with my daughter, and I recorded the Final Four games in the afternoon while my wife, my daughter and I drove to Squak Mountain for a hike. The weather was great and there were lots of pictures taken, but a slightly cranky Heidi had her say yet again ;) and we ended up turning back at around the halfway point. When we got back home, I watched Michigan State take care of UConn and then fell asleep before the game I actually cared about.

After finally watching that game this morning, I got to spend even more quality time with my daughter. While I was archiving some video on my HTPC, I looked over to find that Heidi had rolled onto her stomach all by herself, which was a new first for her. She did it a few times, but of course stopped once I had my video camera in hand. It was still fun to witness given the fact that I had missed a few other firsts.

This afternoon, we did some cleaning around the house and I ran some errands. Since then, we've finally had some time to just relax and not do much, and it's been nice. I think pretty soon we're going to watch the latest episode of United States of Tara and then call it a night. I'll be very much looking forward to the big game tomorrow night.


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