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"Come ride with me through the veins of history. I'll show you a god who falls asleep on the job."
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Posted on April 12, 2009 9:26 PM in Personal
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The Zimmermann family was planning on heading north to partake in the Tulip Festival this weekend, but the weather wasn't cooperative. It turns out it's likely a good thing we didn't go, but more on that later.

Saturday evening, while the weather certainly wasn't nice by any means, it was dry, so we decided to bundle Heidi up and walk over to a nearby park so I could break in a new basketball I bought last weekend. On the way to the park, we felt like neighborhood heroes as we rescued 1.5 dogs and returned a soccer ball to some neighborhood kids who had kicked it across the busy street. When we arrived at the park, it was a little windy, but there was no sign of rain, so I was able to shoot hoops for at least an hour.

About halfway through, some teenage kids shooting on the court next to mine asked if I wanted to play "a game of 21 for fun." It was a little ironic, given the fact that I had only remembered that 21 existed a month before. However, I thought, what better way to relearn than to actually play, plus, even in the shape I'm in, I figured I could take a couple of teenage kids. Fortunately for my bruised ego, I did end up winning. I thought for sure I'd get to 20 and then watch my for-the-win three point shot clank off the rim. I was half right, since the shot clanked off the rim, straight up into the air about six feet, and then fell back down through the net.

After winning the game and thanking the kids for playing with an old man like me, I shot around a bit longer and then decided to close out the outing with some free throws. I ended the affair going 72.7% from the free throw line (I missed the tenth, and couldn't go out on a miss, so ended up 8-for-11). Better than I expected, but still a little underwhelming.

Later that night, we ate some delicious Mexican food and watched The Strangers, at the insistence of my wife. I had low hopes, so that probably helped a bit, but the movie wasn't half bad. It was good for a few frights, but ended kind of abruptly.

Today, it being Easter and all, we decided to pile into the car and head down to Parkland and Puyallup to visit family. We first stopped at my Oma's place. She was excited to see Heidi for the first time (she was at the hospital the night Heidi was born, but didn't end up getting to see her because of all the "excitement") and gave her lots of new dresses and clothes to wear.

After that, we stopped by my mom's place and I got to see what the house I lived in as a kid looks like these days. It's definitely changed quite a bit. My mom was very happy to see Heidi again and had a few gifts to bestow as well. My dad also came over to see Heidi, which was nice. While catching up on things, my mom and dad mentioned that it's been slow goings up in Skagit Valley, and we likely wouldn't have seen any tulips if we went up to the Tulip Festival this weekend anyway. So I guess things worked out okay in that regard.

After a short stay down there, we got back in the car and drove through a crazy Washington downpour back north. Now we're home and taking advantage of the last few hours this weekend has to offer before another work week gets underway.


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