Memorial Day Weekend 2009

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Posted on May 25, 2009 10:05 PM in Personal
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In what is beginning to look like a trend, I passed up on the Sasquatch Festival again this year. However, that doesn't mean I didn't have an enjoyable three-day weekend.

Friday night, after work, my wife and I had Mexican food from one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants, and then watched The Godfather Part II. I had seen it before, but had forgotten most of the details. Unfortunately, I fell asleep with about an hour left. My wife finished it, and then woke me up to come to bed.

Saturday morning, I woke up and watched the rest of the movie. After that, I was feeling very productive. I had a long list of chores I needed to do around the house, and because Heidi was very easily entertained, I was able to cross quite a few things off. Once my wife woke up, I had already accomplished quite a bit. However, her watching Heidi allowed me to move outside and start on some yard work. I ended up mowing the lawn in the front yard and the back (which took longer than usual because the last onslaught of rain really gave the grass a shot in the arm), taking care of a bunch of weeds with the weed-whacker, pulling up a bush that was getting out of hand, and spraying some treatment on the driveway to keep the weeds away. When all was said and done, I had spent about four or five hours working in the yard. Before the night was over, I fired up our barbecue grill for the first time since last summer. I had to make sure it worked, since I had invited my brother up for a birthday barbecue the next day.

When Sunday morning arrived, I wasn't feeling as productive as the morning before (not sure I will for a while), but I knew I had a lot to do. I made a grocery list to prepare for the barbecue that would follow later in the day, and then drove off to the store. Luckily, my list wasn't too long and I was able to get in and out relatively quickly. When I got back home, I started preparing the food. I marinated the steaks and put them back in the fridge. Then I prepared some handmade burgers with egg, onions and green peppers. We had invited our friend Misty to come by with her twin babies, which are only a week or two older than Heidi, and she ended up arriving before my brother and his girlfriend. Soon after it was a baby fest at our place. Once my brother and his girlfriend arrived, the girls all flocked to the babies and the boys (me and my brother), flocked to the grill. The food ended up being really good, as was the company, and the party ended with some birthday cake and my brother opening some presents (polo shirts from Aeropostale). I was very pleased with how the day turned out, and even more pleased that I was able to do something for my brother on his birthday.

All weekend, my wife and I had been planning on having our babysitter come over today to watch Heidi while we went hiking. We've taken her with us on all other hikes up to this point, but we've started to pick up on the fact that she's not a huge fan. Rather than torture her with another hike, we figured we'd try to give her a break this time around. However, all day Sunday she was in a pretty cranky mood and ended up having a rough day overall. We didn't want to leave her today after a day like that, so we canceled the babysitter and decided to lay low today.

However, once today actually arrived, and the sun was shining, I knew we needed to make the most of it. While my wife and Heidi took a long morning nap, I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (great movie!) and then fired up the grill again to cook my last steak. That ended up tasting excellent, and so did all the leftovers that went with it. Once my wife and Heidi were awake, we decided that we'd take a trip out to Alki and see how Heidi liked the beach.

Harbor and Alki Oh, and how she liked the beach! It was busy down at Alki today, not not as bad as it perhaps could have been. We ended up parking on the eastern end of the peninsula and then walking southward, before turning around and walking quite a distance to the actual beach. Once there, we trudged the stroller through the sand until we found a nice spot right by the shore, put a blanket down to rest on and then watched as Heidi became instantly enamored with the beach. Being the new parents that we are, way more pictures were taken than probably necessary, and after an hour or so in the sand, we packed up our things and made our way back to the car, and then back home.

I can't really think of a better way to have spent the three-day weekend. I know I won't have any regrets as I commute to work in the morning, and it's kind of nice knowing that the reward for such a great weekend is a short work week. Now we've just gotta figure out how we're going to top this weekend next weekend...


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