A Preseason Game to Remember

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Posted on September 08, 2009 1:21 AM in Sports
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As big a Seahawks fan as I am, I don't typically go to preseason games. I figure the money's better spent on regular season games when there's more on the line and the 12th man is in top form. However, who could turn down two free tickets to a game, preseason or not? Furthermore, who could turn down those two tickets when they come from the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, Matt Hasselbeck!?

For the sake of some back-story, a few weeks ago, Matt Hasselbeck gave away two 300-level tickets to someone who answered a pretty simple Seahawks trivia question on Twitter. When Matt Hasselbeck forewarned last week that he'd be doing it again, my wife spotted it and told me to be ready for the coming trivia question.

Surely enough, just after noon on Thursday (game day), Matt Hasselbeck tweeted another trivia question, this time a bit more challenging, but right up my alley. Having followed Michael Crabtree quite a bit leading up to this year's NFL draft, I became very familiar with the Fred Biletnikoff Award. Knowing that it's gone to the top wide receiver in college for the past decade and a half, it definitely piqued my interest when I read stories this off-season about how Mike Hass, one of the receivers fighting for a roster spot on the Seahawks, had won the award back in 2005.

That knowledge, combined with knowing that Mike Hass had attended Oregon State University, allowed me to reply to Matt Hasselbeck's question in no more than a minute. Only a few minutes after that, I saw this:

Screenshot of Matt Hasselbeck's Twitter Page

Needless to say, I was pretty excited. Not long after Matt Hasselbeck tweeted that publicly, he direct messaged me with the following:

Congrats dude! I'll have your 2 tickets at will call by 5pm. The game is at 7pm. (you'll be sitting in the family section so be nice) :)

Not long after that, I started getting a bunch of replies from various people, mostly congratulating me on winning the tickets, and I even got mentioned in a tweet from Rich Eisen. Essentially, my status rose from an F-list online celebrity to an E-list one, if only for a few minutes. ;)

The fun didn't end there, though. My wife and I were lucky enough to get my brother and his fiancée to babysit on very short notice, so once they arrived we made our way to Qwest Field. When we arrived at will call, we gave the woman my name and she handed us an envelope with this on it:

Matt Hasselbeck's Autograph

The view from our seats was pretty darn good, too:

The View from Our Seats #2

Not only was the view great, but, just as Matt Hasselbeck had mentioned in his direct message, we were seated in the family section. We spent quite a bit of time looking at the people around us, trying to figure out who the people were. My wife actually asked the people behind us, and we found out that they were Jordan Kent's family. We also spotted a girl who looked related to Justin Forsett and two girls we were pretty sure were John Carlson's and Joe Newton's wives.

Aside from all that, the game itself was an exciting one, featuring some great long-gainers on offense and some energetic football on the defensive side of things. We pulled out the win in the end, and in fact, the final score (31-21) wasn't actually indicative of the game, since the Seahawks dominated throughout.

Whereas most preseason games get forgotten almost as soon as the final gun sounds, this is one preseason game that I'm sure I'll never forget.


Ryan on September 08, 2009 at 2:27 AM:

Sounds like a pretty good time. Congrats!


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