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Posted on December 14, 2009 12:17 AM in Sports
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Is that former Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren practicing the fingerpointing he'd be doing two years later as the new Seahawks GM? A guy can dream.

The fact of the matter is, the Seahawks, in putting up dreadful numbers and submitting their loyal fan base to several disappointing losses (none more embarrassing than tonight's loss to the Texans) this season, have turned what was supposed to be an aberration -- the injury-riddled 2008 season -- into a two-year streak of disappointment. Somehow, though, the 12th man was willing to accept the losing season in 2008 and still give Mike Holmgren a memorable send-off in the end. Something tells me the same will not be said about Jim Mora at the end of 2009.

As a lifelong Seahawks fan, I learned many, many years ago that a couple bad seasons isn't enough reason to abandon your home team. I never would have made it out of the 80s as a 12th man if that was the case. Instead, I've learned to withstand the dark clouds and watch for the silver linings. After all, guys like Mike Holmgren, Mack Strong, Shaun Alexander and Walter Jones were all once silver linings during very bleak times in Seahawks history. They also all ended up being very integral parts of the best year in franchise history.

To stick with that premise, I'm going to focus on the players who look like silver linings, capable of bringing good things to the Seahawks in the future:

  • Aaron Curry - Sure, he's the obvious choice as the team's #1 draft pick in 2009, but he hasn't quite lived up to potential this season. But the key is, that potential hasn't gone anywhere, and he has shown flashes of brilliance among the flashes of youth and inexperience this year. Further coaching and continued mentoring from the likes of Lofa Tatupu will mold Curry into the great player everyone expects him to be.
  • Justin Forsett - Just goes to show, the 12th man really knows best. Everyone liked this kid from the get go, and the organization is just now beginning to see what he's capable of. Justin won't have the impact of Shaun Alexander, but he's given the 12th man something to believe in this season, and that's worth something for sure.
  • Max Unger - The kind of draft pick you love as a fan. Starts right away and continues to grow, learn and contribute throughout his rookie season. I have a feeling Max will be the last man standing after a complete shakeup on the offensive line over the next couple of years.
  • Deon Butler - Butler was practically the second coming of Bobby Engram at Penn State. I'm looking forward to him becoming the same to the Seahawks.
  • Josh Wilson - It took me a while to warm up to Josh, but it's hard to ignore his playmaking abilities as a young cornerback. In a season where his supposed superior has been less-than-stellar, Josh has made up the difference.
  • Deon Grant - Unlike the other guys in this list, Deon is getting up there in football age. After all, he's older than I am, and that's just old. But Deon has proven himself consistent, reliable, durable and a vocal leader on the field and on the sidelines. On a defense in which Lofa Tatupu commonly gets credit as the point man, it has become clearer to me with every game I watch that Deon Grant is the defense's true leader.

Here's to the Seahawks of the future, and all the silver linings to come.


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