Heidi's Second Birthday

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Posted on December 02, 2010 8:27 PM in Personal
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My daughter was born at 12:55am on December 2, 2008. At around 12:55am on December 2, 2010, my wife and I were finishing putting together a Little Tikes Cookin' Creations Kitchen for her to wake up to this morning. Seven hours later, she walked into the living room, walked up to her new toy and started playing with it as if it had been there all along. It made the 3+ hours of wood screws and blisters more than worthwhile.

After watching her pretend to cook a meal for about a half hour, I got ready for work and took off. Since it's her special day, though, I left work early and drove over to Trophy Cupcakes at The Bravern (a place at which a man of my financial status doesn't really belong) to pick up some fancy cupcakes for her. When I got home, we went next door and the neighbors threw a nice mini-party for her, with tiny cupcakes (you can't really ever get enough, can you?), balloons and a couple presents. She got to play with the other kids that are babysat (is that a word?) over there, and then we left to head to Party City.

Since Heidi's birthday falls on a Thursday, we'll be throwing an official party at our place on the 11th. At Party City, we showed her some of the different birthday party themes to see if she'd like one over the others. My wife and I weren't overly impressed by the selection, but we ended up deciding on a theme that Heidi should enjoy.

After that, we walked over to Red Robin, since in our opinion it's Heidi's favorite restaurant. It certainly didn't disappoint. She got a pink balloon right when she walked in the door, and we were sat down right next to a big Red Robin statue and within view of paintings of a cat and a monkey on the wall. Since some of Heidi's favorite things right now are "kitties," "monkeys" and "birdies," it couldn't have played out much better. She enjoyed her pizza and Mandarin oranges (she calls them "munges") and was all smiles throughout.

After dinner, we played her voicemails from all our family members wishing her a happy birthday. Once we got home, she went back to playing with her new kitchen and eventually got to see and talk to her nana via webcam. We then surprised her with the box of Trophy Cupcakes, and she chose one of the chocolate peppermint cupcakes. She seemed to enjoy it, if diving face-first into it was any indication, and then, despite the resulting sugar high, it was time for the normal bedtime routine.

Yesterday and today, my wife and I have been reflecting on how quickly the past two years have flown by. As expecting parent newbies, everyone told us to cherish every minute because it would breeze by. They couldn't have been more accurate. Nevertheless, we already have tons of great memories to look back on, and we're still just getting started. I'm both proud and grateful that I've been a part of watching my daughter grow, and today seemed like a perfect tribute to her for making every day feel like a birthday for me.


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