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Posted on July 14, 2012 7:11 PM in Personal
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My dad passed away on June 10th. He was 58 years old, and although he hadn't been very healthy, his death came as a surprise to me and my family.

Today, we held a remembrance for my dad at the house where I grew up. His mother, or "Oma" as we all refer to her, was there. So was my mother and her current husband, my brother and his wife, and several neighbors who had gotten to know my dad over the past few years. My wife and kids were there as well.

The remembrance was an informal affair, but it was a nice gathering to honor the memory of my dad. Toward the end, I played a recording of Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle." Only a couple months before he passed away, my dad had told me he wanted that song played at his funeral. Before the gathering, I had imagined that I'd play that song and everyone would listen in silence. As it turned out, some people listened, others didn't, and both of my kids walked up to the stereo and started to dance to the music. That seemed far more appropriate, and I know my dad would have appreciated that.

To continue the theme of unexpected surprises, the mailman drove up and asked if we were having a remembrance for Bernhard (my dad). He told us that he was sad when he heard the news and that my dad had always had something nice to say to him when he came to deliver the mail.

My dad touched a lot of lives in little ways. The mailman's visit was a reminder of that. He touched mine in a very big way that I've continued to reflect on since the day of his passing. It was nice to get together with family and some of his friends to honor his memory, and those little unexpected surprises will live on in my memory for years to come.


Tony Lombardo on September 29, 2012 at 3:07 PM:

Re: A Remembrance
Posted on July 14, 2012 7:11 PM in Personal


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Yr Dad must have been a pretty courageous man...u must be tough as well.

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U must have a great story to post.

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