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Posted on October 27, 2013 10:07 PM in Blogging
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I read an interesting thought from one of my favorite writers and bloggers, Clive Thompson, in an article over at Digiday titled The Internet Is Making You Smarter, Really:

Frankly, a lot of [what we do on the Internet each day] is going to vanish, and that's really tragic. A vast majority of stuff vanishes because companies go under. Geocities goes under, and everything is gone. When Facebook goes under -- and it will -- what's going to happen to all that stuff? The fact is that there's a huge amount of interesting culture out there that's going to die.

It is pretty crazy to think that given all the time we spend on social networks these days, most of our efforts get washed away as quickly as we can push them ashore. While I'm doing my part to hold on to what I can, I know I'm in the minority to say the least. There's something to be said for the now less fashionable blog post that stands the test of time and just keeps on ticking.


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