March 2003

Album Cover: Various Positions

"Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya."
Leonard Cohen / Hallelujah

Where is Saddam?

March 28, 2003 4:28 PM

Where is Saddam?
Where is Saddam?
Don't look now
But here comes a bomb

Just off the shore
Over the sand
Past the oil field
And into your land

Where is Saddam?
Where is Saddam?
He lives on tape
As the war rolls on

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Working Toward a Fifth Season

March 17, 2003 4:33 PM

I'm starting to relax a bit now that I've heard HBO is nearing a deal with James Gandolfini. Their recent lawsuit games have had me worried there wouldn't be a 5th season of 'The Sopranos.' Needless to say, even if they went on to film another season without 'Tony,' there wouldn't be a 5th season of 'The Sopranos.' I've been keeping the addiction at a low level by watching reruns of season one every Sunday night. The new season of Six Feet Under has helped ease the pain too.

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March 16, 2003 10:38 PM

It's funny to think that even the sky won't last. Some day we'll have our own ruins. All the people that play a part in the world we know will only be fragments in the next world, if that. Other than the clock's, every pulse is a finite rhythm. The rusted cogs will stutter, then crumble, but their enduring master will march on and on.

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Quite a Sunday

March 09, 2003 7:50 PM

Well, it's been quite a Sunday here at the apartment. I decided (well, then again I don't know if it was a conscious decision) to sleep in until 11am for a change and it felt good. Then I did a little web design, but got very frustrated when a page wasn't showing up in IE5 on the Mac when it works just fine in IE6 and Mozilla on Windows. That got me worked up enough to actually get me doing chores around the apartment. I cleaned quite a bit, moved a bunch of my CDs from their cases into one of those big binders (girlfriend's orders) and then made a nice lunch.

Later on as I was flipping through the channels I came across only one of the most notable rivalries in sports, the Duke vs. North Carolina game. I was very pleased to see that late in the 2nd half my Tarheels were leading the Blue Devils. They went on to win 82-79. What a game!

Then, not long after I tuned into a radio station in Atlanta's online stream to listen to a re-broadcast of Coldplay's gig from Thursday night. It was quite an amazing show, so I was happy to catch it. I threw up some tracks from it over at my Coldplay site in case anyone's interested.

Now I'm listening to an 80s CD I burned today and anxiously awaiting two things...the Sopranos and a pizza I just put in the oven. Like I has been quite a Sunday!

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Camino vs. Safari

March 07, 2003 9:43 AM

Mitchell Baker has written an article over at called "Browser Innovation, Gecko and the Mozilla Project." In my opinion it should have been called "A Comparison Between Camino (formerly Chimera) and Safari," but whatever. The important thing to note is that it touches on the importance of open source web browsers in the push for a standard web. I'd definitely like to try out Camino and Safari, but I sure wish I didn't have to use a Mac to do so. The article is informative and read-worthy, nonetheless, so if you have any interest in web browsers you should check it out.

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The Googlers Never Sleep

March 03, 2003 11:52 AM

For the past couple of months I've seen articles popping up here and there across the web concerning Google and privacy. As it turns out, Google has gotten so good and finding stuff that it is actually starting to threaten the privacy of those who use the web and would appreciate it if all the world's Googlers didn't have to know about it. I don't feel too threatened by the issue, as I've known from the day I first started using the web seriously that I was messing with a strange, very open world. I think the initial appeal of the web was that you could get someone in India looking at a purple web page you designed (with the rainbow colored <hr> elements too!) that talked about who you were.

Out of curiosity I did a search on my name today and found some interesting results. There was of course the link to this site in the number one spot (or more specifically, to my web design portfolio...thanks Google) and then my Coldplay site at number two. But then, mixed in with all the random German web pages (thanks to my last name) there was an excerpt of a pyramid scheme I got sucked into (being the stupid teenager I was at the time) and some links to the forums of classes I took at PLU. Already, had someone worked up a vendetta against me, they would have had the means to at least place where I've been over the past few years of my life.

The moral of the story is, be careful of what you do on the web. It isn't a secure, safe place. And if you don't want to be careful, then just know that there are consequences and that the web is watching. The web never sleeps...and neither do the Googlers.

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