June 2013

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Immediate First Impressions of Digg Reader

June 26, 2013 12:25 AM

Because I participated in some of the Digg Reader surveys I was added to the list of wannabe Digg Reader users who would get notified as soon as a beta release was available for testing. Well, tonight is the night and I received my invite to the brand new feed reader a few hours ago. I've only played with it for a little while, so I'm sure I'll have more feedback in the future, but these are my immediate first impressions of Digg Reader:

  • Importing feeds from Google Reader is a breeze.
  • The interface is clean and stays out of my way, which I like.
  • The reading pane's content is centered, which leads to a lot of white space to the right and left of feed entries on my high resolution monitor. I prefer the way Google Reader keeps the content to the left of the reading pane, keeping everything more neighborly.
  • There doesn't appear to be a way to hide feeds that have been read, so the sidebar with the list of feeds ends up more cluttered than it needs to be. I like how Google Reader allows you to only show feeds with unread items.
  • Occasionally, a feed shows up as having unread items, but then when I click on it, the content pane says "0 Items."
  • Keyboard shortcuts appear to map well to those in Google Reader, although there is supposed to be a diagram that shows them in their entirety, but I don't see it for some reason.
  • Though all feeds are shown in the sidebar, they are displayed alphabetically within their categories, which is helpful. Unfortunately, the categories themselves are not sorted alphabetically, though.
  • Navigating through feed items is very fast, which is good to see.

I'm excited by what I see in Digg Reader so far. I think it shows a lot of promise and definitely feels more comfortable to me than Feedly has. Apparently the mobile version of Digg Reader will be available very soon, so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on that as well.

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