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Posted on January 12, 2003 10:11 PM in Browsers
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It's unbelievable how many times I've redesigned this page over the past week. So far I like this one, though, so I think I will be able to deal with it for at least a month ;) Things have been pretty hectic for me lately, juggling two tech jobs and all, but you'd be amazed at how often I am still cruising the web trying to keep up on the latest webdev and technology news. CES and Mac Expo seem to be the biggest deal right now, but I have been rather unimpressed with what's been announced from those two shows. The biggest talk seems to be Safari, Apple's new browser. I've been following the attempts to find a hack for actually "blocking" Safari when doing design, which I think are quite amuzing! It is pretty sad that after all these years web developers are still struggling with browser sniffers because the people developing the most popular browsers still aren't fully complying with web standards.

Speaking of web standards, I think I may have somehow found a CSS bug in Mozilla, thanks to this new page design. If you're viewing this page in Mozilla, chances are you see a gap in the dotted border around this entry (and any subsequent entries). It appears in the upper and lower righthand corners. I'm not very quick to blame Mozilla, though, as they've turned out to be more compliant than IE from my own experience. For instance, if you're in Mozilla you actually see the dots (although maybe not all of them). If you're using IE, it is rendering my 1 pixel dotted border as a dashed border. Nice, right? ;)

But anyway, back to the possible bug. I validated my CSS and only received a few warnings. This leads me to believe that it really could be a bug. In which case, I'm going to contact Bugzilla and see if I'm right.


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