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"All your insides fall to pieces; you just sit there wishing you could still make love."
Radiohead / High and Dry

Posted on February 04, 2003 2:25 PM in Blogging
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Is it normal to feel like an idiot when you are posting to your weblog? I'm very conscious of what I say because I feel like any number of things in my posts could be construed as unintelligent or pointless. Then again, I read plenty of pointless information on the web every day, so maybe I'll be forgiven for any blunders. I guess if you're reading this it is because 1) you're either intrigued about who I am – in which case you're getting a better idea by reading some of my stupid points along with the valid ones – or 2) you are extremely bored and got to this page via some strange route of travel – in which case you could probably go for a little stupidity. Okay, I feel better now.

It was interesting to load up my blog in Opera 7 today and see no content. I just downloaded Opera's new browser today so I was worried it was a problem with their CSS. I should have known better, but I immediately opened up Mozilla to see if the content loaded. When it didn't, I realized it was my error, not a browser's. My page is currently setup to display only posts from the current month. Since I've yet to post in February, nothing showed up. Now that this post has been added, the "problem" has been taken care of. So, to get back to Opera, other than a few major security flaws this revamped version of the browser is looking pretty good!


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