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Posted on January 10, 2008 12:01 AM in Web Development
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I was browsing through the functions.php file that comes with WordPress 2.3.2 tonight, and I spotted this function:

function xmlrpc_getposttitle($content) {
 global $post_default_title;
 if ( preg_match('/<title>(.+?)</title>/is', $content, $matchtitle) ) {
  $post_title = $matchtitle[0];
  $post_title = preg_replace('/<title>/si', '', $post_title);
  $post_title = preg_replace('/</title>/si', '', $post_title);
 } else {
  $post_title = $post_default_title;
 return $post_title;

The two calls to preg_replace() immediately stood out, and upon closer inspection I realized that they are completely unnecessary.

Since preg_match(), which is called as part of the containing if statement, will store "the text that matched the first captured parenthesized subpattern" in $matchtitle[1], the two calls to preg_replace() can be removed completely as long as the following line:

$post_title = $matchtitle[0]; changed to:

$post_title = $matchtitle[1];

I just created a simplified test case and verified it, so I followed that up with a WordPress bug. I guess we'll see what happens.


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