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Album Cover: The Bends

"All your insides fall to pieces; you just sit there wishing you could still make love."
Radiohead / High and Dry

Posted on November 09, 2003 9:56 PM in Music
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I will be the first to admit that as little as two years ago I was about as anti-Britney Spears as a person could get. I didn't fall for all the hype at that time, and I certainly didn't find her the least bit attractive. However, having been submitted to way more Britney than a non-fan should ever have to handle (thanks to my girlfriend and her website), I have to say that my respect for her as a talented artist has crescendoed immensely. Not only has she proven that she can continuously sell records, but she has also shown that she has an unmatched savvy for keeping her name in the papers and her face (or at least her torso) in the spotlight.

Now here we are near the end of 2003 (can you believe it?) and Britney is scheduled to release her fourth album on, coincidentally, my girlfriend's birthday, November 18th. She probably wouldn't want this to be shared with the online world, but my girlfriend has already downloaded several of the leaked tracks from In The Zone, and so I've heard them quite a few times. I have to say that I am really digging the beats on this album, and it's made me, a self-proclaimed non-Britney fan for many years, actually anxious to hear the rest of the record. Her collaboration with Moby, titled "Early Mornin'," is awesome. I can't get the upward-looping bassline out of my head. "Toxic" is another great track...she pulls off quite a few cool vocal moves in the song, and the surfer guitar combined with the high-pitched violin sounds is pure brilliance.

I won't go on record saying that I would ever listen to Britney's first three albums on my own. I willingly submit to my girlfriend's desires when it comes to those albums, simply because I know she enjoys them so much, but I actually believe I would bust out "In The Zone" on my own in the car on the way to or from work. And I'd probably be bobbing my head and singing along with the lyrics too. Man, how embarrassing is that to admit! It's the truth though. I better stop while I'm behind ;)


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