Get Yourself High

Album Cover: The Future

"The maestro says it's Mozart, but it sounds like bubble gum."
Leonard Cohen / Waiting For The Miracle

Posted on November 13, 2003 10:34 PM in Music
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So I'm doing my usual thing last night, cruisin' around online and listening to music, when I decide I want to listen to Pearl Jam's new song, "Man of the Hour." I happened to find a direct link to it over at The Sky I Scrape, so I clicked on it. Because the track's in RealAudio format, an intermediary website popped up with some information on the different songs, videos, etc. that Real is currently featuring. A link to a new Chemical Brothers video quickly caught my eye, so I clicked on it before my Pearl Jam song started up (and before the page went away). What followed was probably the coolest music video experience I have ever had. I've always been a huge fan of the Chemical Brothers, but they've outdone themselves with this latest song...and have totally blown me away with the video. It is seriously the coolest thing I have seen in a really long time. Just watch it. Fair warning, though, you may never stop.


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