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"I knew all the rules, but the rules did not know me...guaranteed."
Eddie Vedder / Guaranteed

Posted on December 03, 2003 9:13 PM in Miscellaneous
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If you read any of my entries from last month, you know that I've been busy looking for a new place to live this week. Well, tonight Katie and I signed a 15 month lease at a new place near the University of Washington. We're ecstatic, not only because we found the house after only about a day of searching, but also because it is the perfect place for us and we'll actually be saving money compared to where we're living now.

We leave for Arizona on the 17th and don't get to move into the new place until the 15th, so needless to say there are still stress-filled days ahead, but we can sleep a little easier tonight knowing that the new place is a sure thing and that we're going to be somewhere that we really want to be. After living in apartments for the last year and a half, it will be a refreshing change to move back into a house.


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