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Posted on December 07, 2003 8:33 PM in Television
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Imagine my surprise when I switched to East Coast HBO tonight at 5pm to watch Angels in America, when I see an unfamiliar screen fade the words "The Sopranos" slowly out. Imagine my growing excitement as an exchange between mob boss Tony Soprano and his wife Carmela unfolds before my eyes and my brain slowly calculates that it is a scene I have never seen. Imagine my pure child-on-Christmas-morning glee when I realize I'm watching a scene from the upcoming fifth season of my favorite show and all the adrenaline of watching The Sopranos episodes for the very first time comes rushing through my veins once again.

If you're a Sopranos fan, I hope you too received the surprise I did tonight, gaining an early glimpse into what looks to be another memorable season. As the exchange between Tony and his wife, which foreshadowed the surmise of Furio and the continuation of the couple's separation, came to an unfortunate end, "March 7th" appeared on the screen before everything faded to black. March 7th, my friends, is the day that we will once again get sucked into the mama of all dramas, the kingpin of television, The Sopranos. I'm already counting down the days...


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