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Posted on February 06, 2003 12:04 PM in Browsers
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In my endless research on web browser creation I stumbled upon a very interesting quote, given the recent emergence of Apple's Safari web browser:

"I am sick of the browser war. I am sick of it because currently the best browser anyone has made so far is probably either the latest version of Mozilla or IE. Both of these browsers are terrible. The non-functionality of both is astounding. The false-aqua feel of IE is sickening. Yet it is what I use, because I have nothing better. As for such browsers as OmniWeb and Chimera, I don't care to try anything without support for industry standards like Flash. That is why I propose that Apple create a web browser. From scratch. The ground up. And release it by July. No fluff. Less than five megs. Quartz rendering. Plug-in support. Aqua interface, with support for skins. Integrate iTools. Ad-blocking. Fast. Absolute user control. It's Apple.They could so do it. And best of all, every Mac user would use it. Call it iNav. Distribute it on every 10.2 CD. Just think about this, people. There is NO good reason why Apple shouldn't do this. Write to Steve now and tell him what you think."


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