Ford vs. Mercedes?

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Posted on January 29, 2004 1:48 PM in Cars
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99% of the time, if someone uttered "Ford vs. Mercedes?" to me I'd laugh in their face. In general, there isn't even an inkling of comparison between the cars produced by the two auto makers. However, MSN has recognized that other 1% in their article Supercars! 2005 Ford GT vs. Mercedes SLR McLaren.

While price might turn out to be the final deciding factor for most ($460,000 for the SLR vs. $150,000 for the GT), I would seriously be hard-pressed to choose a favorite between the two cars. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I'd have to go with the GT. The contours and lines of this car are simply impeccable. Not to say that the SLR's aren't, but for some reason the SLR's exterior reminds me too much of the Chrysler Crossfire.

Granted, if the SLR had Beyonce in the passenger's seat, it might make up for the inferior exterior, but I'd probably still choose the GT. Afterall, with the $300,000 I'd save I could buy at least a couple Porsches, right?

If only I had these types of decisions to make in life. Instead, I'm debating whether I should save money on a Honda Civic or go all out and get an Acura TSX.


s rizzle on May 21, 2005 at 10:13 AM:

get the acura tsx better with up grades if puuting on


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