Highlights of Super Bowl XXXVIII

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Posted on February 02, 2004 1:27 AM in Sports
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The number of Super Bowls I have watched in my lifetime is starting to reach an alarming level. I am getting way too old. However, this post is not meant to be about my age, so I'll move on. What I wanted to accomplish in posting tonight (I should really be in bed by now) was to pinpoint some of the highlights of this year's Super Bowl:

  1. The dancing naked man...what the!?
  2. The Janet Jackson "Boob" incident
  3. The NFL commercial with all the NFL coaches and players singing "The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow"

Notice none of my highlights really have anything to do with the game. This is intentional. I was quite unimpressed with the game overall. I suppose it was nice to see Carolina put up a fight, but I still think my Seahawks would have represented the NFC better ;)



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