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Posted on February 04, 2004 5:09 PM in Browsers
Warning: This blog entry was written two or more years ago. Therefore, it may contain broken links, out-dated or misleading content, or information that is just plain wrong. Please read on with caution.

I was looking at my latest redesign idea for my band's website when I thought it might be cool to have something in the page footer that says "best viewed in Firebird," appropriately linked to the Mozilla Firebird product page. Then, I thought to myself, "I wonder who else has done this?" So, I went to Google and searched for the phrase "best viewed in Firebird." What I found was very disappointing.

Not only do the first five sites in the list suck, for the most part, but they are the only five that Google even cares to list! Scary! If you want to see the other 45, you have to explicitly tell (i.e. beg) Google to do so.

The first page in the list is a Firebird marketing plan, and was written up by Blake Ross, a familar name to those of us who have been following Mozilla and/or Firebird for more than a few months. So, I suppose I can give him a pass on the nothing-but-Times-New-Roman design.

The only other semi-notable page in the list is Wicked Toast, which seems to be a video game preview/review site. Their design is somewhat decent and at least makes their "best viewed in Firebird" claim seem reasonable.

The third and fifth links are to pages with broken navigation or no content whatsoever. I'm guessing you could open those babies up in Netscape 4.7 and they'd look just as good (perhaps better?).

I have no comment on the fourth link in the list,, just because it seems to be some sort of JavaScript hacker wannabe site, and they recommend Netscape 7 instead of Mozilla, which doesn't make any sense at all.

So I guess the question becomes, when I take the new Pleasure Unit site live (sometime in the next couple of months), should I go ahead and try and start a new trend among web developers and designers, or not even bother showing up in a list such as the one I've uncovered today?


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