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Posted on February 06, 2004 10:48 AM in XML
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I did it. I finally got around to creating an XML feed for my blog so the two return readers I have (I'm being optimistic) can now read my thoughts via syndication in the News Aggregator of their choice. It should be noted, however, that my feed follows the Atom 0.3 spec, and is not available in RSS.

Being relatively new to Atom, I had to read through the spec quite a few times, and utilize the learn-by-peeking technique using the feed over at Once I had a firm grip on what my feed needed to contain, I created a script to generate it on-the-fly with nothing more than good ol' PHP, and then made sure that it validates.

And now, voila! I've got my own XML feed. If you wish to view the XML, click the "XML Feed" button in the left sidebar. If you wish to subscribe to my feed, point your favorite news reader at


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