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Posted on February 11, 2004 2:10 PM in Browsers
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It is very strange that no less than a day after I posted about the accomplishments of David Hyatt and Ben Goodger I would find a hot topic in the MozillaZine Firefox Forums titled Anyone else 'losing faith'?.

Throughout the first tier of the thread, Ben goes head to head with Firefox users who contend that Firefox developers (i.e. Ben Goodger) do not spend enough time in the forums eliciting and responding to feedback or feature requests. In a very informative and poignant reply, Ben pinpoints some of the reasons for such concerns, and goes on to provide a summary of some of the administrative tasks he endures while overseeing the entire Firefox project.

I suppose as much credit is due to Ben (it was primarily given to David in my previous post) for his efforts amid such inappreciation, as it is to David Hyatt. I can sympathize with Ben's general distrust and his "no compromises" attitude when it comes to delegation of work. Afterall, as I web developer I have seen other developers lower the quality of my work or lessen the overall effectiveness of a website, making it that much harder to delegate work to others the next time around. I'm sure he had similar experiences in the past delegating work to the Netscape developers he mentions in his rebuttal.

The bottom line is, it's impossible to appease the masses. Anyone who tries will desperately fail. If you take 100 people and ask them for their suggestions on how a product should be developed or how a website should be designed, you're probably going to get about 80 to 90 different answers (if you're lucky). Both Ben and Dave have found a way to stick to their guns and at the same time work toward the overall good. There will be those who think they've been overlooked, sure, but in the end people will be happier with the end product.


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