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Posted on March 07, 2004 7:42 PM in Television
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I was nervously excited all weekend as I awaited the premier of a brand new season of The Sopranos. Now that I'm finished watching the east coast airing, I'm anxiously awaiting the west coast one coming up at 9. It felt so good to be sitting in front of the TV watching a new episode of my favorite TV series. Amazingly enough, as excited as I was, the episode still managed to knock my socks off. If for some reason you still haven't seen the premier (or you're still trying to find a bittorrent of it, like so many of the visitors of my blog seem to be doing), don't read any further...spoilers follow.

Even though I can't wait to see Steve Buscemi's new character revealed on the show, I was pleasantly surprised that they decided to hold off on revealing him until a later episode. It was nice to see some fresh faces, though, and to know that each one has the potential to affect the ebb and flow of this season's storylines much like the Richies and Ralphies of seasons past.

I loved the way the episode began, with several shots in succession of the Soprano household...eerily quiet and cold. To hear Christopher and Paulie brag about their experience in the Pine Barrens was great too, and true to form, any time Tony and Carmela appeared in the same room I found myself in pure awe. There could be no "The Sopranos" without the on-screen tension that those two so readily provide.

With the exception of the little apologetic session between Chris and Paulie toward the end of the episode, which seemed a little too hard to believe coming from two guys who just threw a brick at the back of some waiter's head, I have to say this episode was all I hoped it would be. To top it all off, the teaser for next week's episode already has me salivating. It's nice to know that, this far from an NFL season, I can look forward to so many exciting Sundays!


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