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Posted on March 08, 2004 1:17 PM in Sports
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As I mentioned over half a year ago in Griffeyless in Seattle, I would absolutely love it if Ken Griffey Jr. would return to the Mariners. There was some talk at that time about how a return trip to the franchise he "grew up" with might be a saving grace for his career.

I don't really care if he performs at even 50 percent of the level he did when he was still in Seattle. Seattle is where the kid belongs, and it would be even more incentive for me to catch some games at Safeco Field this year. And on a day like today, when the temperature is rapidly approaching the record for this area, believe me, the idea of making a trip to Safeco Field is bouncing around in my head.

That said, seeing Reunion with Junior? in the paper today was a welcome surprise. The following bits of the article have me anxiously wondering how the whole thing may pan out:

Officials of the Seattle club are believed to have had a number of internal discussions on the matter, including here at training camp.

A source among Griffey's friends has said that he would be happy to return.

While Ichiro may be the new big guy in town, I have to say that no Seattle player since Griffey left has quite filled the void, in my mind. To see Junior back in a Seattle uniform and knocking balls out of Safeco Field would be at dream come true.


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