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Posted on March 22, 2004 6:49 PM in Television
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I was floating on cloud nine last week when so many of my first round NCAA tournament picks had advanced, so it was a real blow to the ego this weekend when all of those picks basically went down the drain. After seeing my Tarheels fall to Texas, I decided it best to try and avoid anything and everything NCAA come Sunday, so it was a relief to get to watch some good movies and then get comfortable in front of the TV late last night to watch a new episode of The Sopranos.

The new episode, titled "Where's Johnny?" was a lot more interesting than last week's episode, but I still think it paled in comparison to the season opener. The crescendoing feud between Paulie and Feech should be interesting, and the "power sharing" conflict could certainly end up being the cause of many exciting effects. I also really liked how the episode ended, with Tony asking Uncle Junior "Don't you love me?" to no response. However, I was a little disappointed that Carmela didn't make an appearance at all and that Janice showed up in so many scenes. The teaser for upcoming episodes looked very promising, though, so as usual I'm anxiously awaiting next Sunday.

As if my Soprano addiction weren't enough, though, I found yet another Sunday-night HBO drama to keep my mind off of the fact that I'll be waking up early the next morning to fight the Seattle traffic once again. The very first episode of Deadwood immediately followed The Sopranos, and was so chock-full of intriguing characters that I couldn't help but get hooked. Wild Bill Hickok reminds me of many of the "fastest gun in the West" type characters that you find in movies like Tombstone, and it's already easy to see that he and Seth Bullock could easily become the new "law" of Deadwood. Then there's Al Swearengen, one of those cagey, evil characters that you just can't help but like. The only drawback of the show, in my opinion, is that often times the dialogue is too fast and the characters' accents are so different that it takes a bit of mind-straining just to keep up with what they're talking about. Again, though, I'm definitely looking forward to next Sunday to find out how the many great characters in this new show progress.


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