MSN Bullet Bug in Firefox

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Posted on March 29, 2004 2:19 PM in Browsers
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Over a year ago I wrote here about some of the problems MSN was causing for non-IE browsers. Since then, things have calmed down quite a bit, but today I ran into something quite peculiar that I have seen more than once in the past.

Sometimes (more like once in a blue moon) when I visit MSN in Firefox I've noticed that the bullets on the main content lists are displayed very awkwardly, showing up more like big black blobs than like the tiny list bullets they are meant to be rendered as. See the following screenshot for an example of what I mean:

MSN Bullet Bug in Firefox

The strange thing is, all it takes is a minimize and re-maximize of the browser to get the bullets looking how they should look...not a refresh (although a refresh will usually do the trick, too).

I haven't written this one up in Bugzilla simply because it is one of those very rare and random sort of bugs that takes forever and a day to try and reproduce. However, maybe if other people start to notice it and stumble upon this post, they'll add a comment and provide more information. It's a start, I suppose.


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