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Posted on April 03, 2004 6:35 PM in Computers
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As I mentioned on Thursday, my new computer arrived and I've been busy getting it all set up with the software I need. The transition from Yoda to R2D2 went absolutely seamlessly, and I've already changed Yoda's OS from Windows XP to Red Hat Linux 9. Besides the fact that my new machine screams in terms of speed, another nice thing that's come out of this is that I've gotten to look at Red Hat 9 and see first-hand just how much progress they've made with their UI since my last experience.

You might remember, at that time I had complained about the availabilty (or lack, I should say) of fonts on Red Hat. I believe I was using Red Hat 8 at that time, so it's nice to see that in only one revision they've managed to get fonts right. Not only does my blog look a heck of a lot better, but most of the websites I've looked at do as well. I am nothing short of impressed. It was also nice to see that Firefox still runs so well on Red Hat, and that the GrayModern theme I've been working on looks good as well (it even functions a little better than the Windows version). I'm currently writing this post using Firefox 0.8 on Linux, as a matter of fact. It seems my prophecy has come true, and Yoda may well indeed "run Red Hat into its old age."

Another major win I accomplished in the last few days was getting Firefox set up as Katie's default browser on both her iBook and R2D2. She's using Thunderbird as her default mail client on R2D2, too, but sticking with Mail on her iBook (running OS X) since it fits pretty seamlessly into the rest of the operating system. Nonetheless, the fact that we've ousted both Internet Explorer and Outlook Express from our lives means that our computers should be a lot happier and a lot safer as time rolls on.

The only unfinished part of my whole evil scheme is to eventually order a new hard drive (probably ~10Gb or so) for Leia, the machine that is currently resting quietly in our basement, and install Red Hat 9 on it so that my mom can use it for checking her email. You know you're a geek when you've got your girlfriend using Mozilla products and your mom checking her email on Red Hat!


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