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"Love's the only engine of survival."
Leonard Cohen / The Future

Posted on January 13, 2003 3:13 PM in Web Design
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I got around to submitting the strange CSS border bug to Bugzilla this afternoon. They seem pretty adamate about making sure you aren't filing a duplicate bug, so I made sure to look for possible duplicates several times before actually submitting. Hopefully I have finally had my chance to contribute to a browser that I think has some incredible potential.

Yesterday I spent some time showing a co-worker of mine the Internet Archive's WayBackMachine. He was amazed at how much of the web's history is stored at that site. He started reminiscing about a website he ran about four years ago that apparently drew a lot of attention at the time. That made me think of all the time I put into my Jenny McCarthy page that I founded way back in 1996, and in turn, the web design work I was doing at that time in general. It's fun to look back. In fact, I think looking back can give us a grand idea of just how much we will accomplish in the years to come.


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