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Posted on May 04, 2004 7:49 PM in Browsers
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I've noticed an upswing in visitors to my blog over the past two weeks, and I'd have to say a majority of my visitors are coming looking for information on Firefox 0.9. According to the Firefox Roadmap, we should expect to see version 0.9 (code named "One Tree Hill") by the end of this month. I think the main reason people are so itchy is that a new version of Mozilla Thunderbird was just released a few days ago.

Be patient, though, because if what The Burning Edge's Bigger Picture reports is true, it will definitely be worth the wait. Besides some of the upcoming features that I've mentioned before, we can look forward to the following:

  1. Nesting of quotes (CSS quotes property)
  2. Ability to search textboxes and textareas using Find in Page
  3. Major import handing from Internet Explorer
  4. "Connection Refused" errors will no longer trigger Internet Keywords (I ran into this one quite a few times...pretty annoying)
  5. The inclusion of Talkback will allow for more efficient fixing of crashers

Who knows, by the end of May there may be (and probably will be) a whole slew of other great features that sneak their way in. This is an exciting time to be a Firefox user, as we are just now seeing the browser turn the 1.0 bend and really start to resemble the mature browser that will one day overtake the goliath we now know as Internet Explorer.


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