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Posted on May 20, 2004 2:47 PM in Computers
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If you're a Wired reader, there's a chance you caught an article today called My left arm for a Gmail account. If not, you're missing out because the website it references, Gmail Swap is hilarious. I've been anxiously awaiting another "Invite a friend to use Gmail" link to show up when I log in to my account, and now I'm even more anxious 'cause who knows what I might be able to get for it!

Some of the funnier things up for swap on the site include:

  1. A picture of a 46G bra
  2. Sacramento Kings playoff tickets
  3. A foot-high "papier mache willy"
  4. Pearl Jam's 'Ten' on CD (This guy means business!)
  5. An inflatable penguin
  6. Someone's student loan debt (Oh, to pull something like this off...)
  7. William Hung's personal cellphone number
  8. A bag of dry Arizona air
  9. Poems by Pablo Neruda Awesome!
  10. Nude pictures of someone's dog Uhh...

Just about the only tempting swap I see right now is the copy of 'Ten,' but I already own that so it looks like I'll probably just be giving any other invites I receive to my friends. And no, I won't ask them to take nude pictures of their dog.


Cassi on November 22, 2004 at 8:29 PM:

Good site...the only one in a web search that isn't either or reporting on Google's ban on swaps. I have a gmail account and plenty of invites but that stupid won't let me log in to give any away. So anyone who wants one just email me at and I will give you one...for a fair swap...


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