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Posted on June 06, 2004 9:15 PM in Browsers
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I came to the computer tonight with the intention of blogging about barbecues, HBO season finales, Seth Bullock, or something of the like. Then I happened to check Bloglines and notice a Slashdot article titled "A New Look For Firefox." What I found there was a link to a very unsettling forum post at MozillaZine.

If what Arvid Axelsson shares there is true, we could be seeing a new default theme for Firefox on the Windows platform. The current default theme, called "Qute," has been around for quite a while now, so this news will (and already has) upset a lot of the Firefox faithful. Now I'm not the Qute theme's biggest proponent by any stretch of the imagination (I am a bit biased because of GrayModern), but I find it more than a bit perplexing that Ben Goodger and the other Firefox devs have decided to go with a variation of the Pinstripe theme.

There's already been quite an uproar on the subject, so it will be interesting to see what theme ends up shipping with version 0.9. Isn't it amazing how controversial politics can be?


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