Quite a Sunday

Album Cover: New Skin for the Old Ceremony

"You told me again you preferred handsome men, but for me you would make an exception."
Leonard Cohen / Chelsea Hotel #2

Posted on March 09, 2003 7:50 PM in Miscellaneous
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Well, it's been quite a Sunday here at the apartment. I decided (well, then again I don't know if it was a conscious decision) to sleep in until 11am for a change and it felt good. Then I did a little web design, but got very frustrated when a page wasn't showing up in IE5 on the Mac when it works just fine in IE6 and Mozilla on Windows. That got me worked up enough to actually get me doing chores around the apartment. I cleaned quite a bit, moved a bunch of my CDs from their cases into one of those big binders (girlfriend's orders) and then made a nice lunch.

Later on as I was flipping through the channels I came across only one of the most notable rivalries in sports, the Duke vs. North Carolina game. I was very pleased to see that late in the 2nd half my Tarheels were leading the Blue Devils. They went on to win 82-79. What a game!

Then, not long after I tuned into a radio station in Atlanta's online stream to listen to a re-broadcast of Coldplay's gig from Thursday night. It was quite an amazing show, so I was happy to catch it. I threw up some tracks from it over at my Coldplay site in case anyone's interested.

Now I'm listening to an 80s CD I burned today and anxiously awaiting two things...the Sopranos and a pizza I just put in the oven. Like I said...it has been quite a Sunday!


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