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Posted on July 17, 2004 9:01 PM in Computers
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About a month ago, I started looking around for applications that would give notification whenever I received email at my Gmail account. The first thing I found was a program called GTray. It looked very close to what I was interested in finding, but there were a few things I noticed that made me a little iffy about downloading it, like the bugs people were mentioning in the comments and the fact that it was tied into IE pretty heavily (this may have changed since then). So, I decided to hold off and wait either for a stabler version or something better to come along.

Something better did come along. While reading Asa Dotzler's feed, I found a link to the Gmail Notifier extension for Mozilla and Firefox. I installed it tonight, and while I don't have enough experience with it to comment on stability, it is great to have something built into my browser that will notify me whenever I get new email. Now I just need to get more people to email me there ;)

On a related note, I clicked on a "New Features" link while logged into Gmail tonight and learned that they have added support for importing contact lists, the Safari browser, and most importantly (in my opinion, anyway), signature management. If you'll remember, this was one of my only complaints when I first started using the service.


Skeeter on April 26, 2006 at 3:27 PM:

How do these compare to standalone app Gmail Notifier?


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