Tabdump III

Album Cover: The Blueprint

"I've got money stacks bigger than you."
Jay-Z / Takeover

Posted on July 24, 2004 10:28 PM in Elsewhere
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I didn't think the next installment of my "tabdump" series would come so soon, but it has. I think the first item is quite appropriate since this is the third tabdump:

Star Wars Episode III's title has been announced, I'm number 48 out of 13.5 million search results for the phrase "post comments", I may need to buy another shirt online, do you love bees?, if this system crashes, so do you, millions will soon realize their nude pictures of Britney Spears are all fake, I better keep quiet on this one, hopefully XHTML 2.0 will be more appealing than XHTML 1.1, the IEBlog is warming up, and I like the way they're handling things, could this have anything to do with them recommending Firefox?, just when we thought she had forgotten how, Britney makes a smart decision, Will Ferrell in a Woody Allen film, need I say more?


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