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Posted on January 14, 2003 10:05 AM in Browsers
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I stumbled upon a great article today that was written about half a year ago. In it, Peter-Paul Koch covers the insanity of Netscape skipping directly from version 4 to version 6. I have always been bewildered by this – especially since I was never a Netscape fan to begin with – so it was quite amusing to read the article. One line reads, "So, unbeknownst to us web developers, marketing geniuses inside Netscape (or its corporate owner AOL) decided the new Netscape would be Version 6." It just oozes sarcasm! ;) Another thing that I think is really funny is the fact that Netscape 7 actually identifies itself as a version 5 browser (its identification string includes Mozilla/5.0). Man, those Netscape people kill me.

I reached the article from another web page the author wrote about the standards compliance and various bugs of the major browsers. There I found some interesting facts about IE6 that make me think IE5.5 is actually a better, stabler version of Microsoft's browser. And it seems that I'm moving backwards here, because I made it to this page from the Konqueror browser's site which was in turn linked from an article at c|net today titled "Apple snub stings Mozilla."

In the c|net article, several people speculate about the affect Apple's decision to use Konqueror code instead of the Gecko engine has had on the egos of Mozilla developers. Ironically enough, though, several Mozilla developers seem to agree with the decision. The article is definitely worth a read, because it touches on the bogged-down state Mozilla has found itself in due to its cross-platform compatibility and its well-worn path of open source development.


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