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Posted on August 12, 2004 10:22 PM in Web Development
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While sifting through some of my recent site referrals earlier tonight, I came across someone else's list of referrals (funny how that happens). Their list stood out, though, because they had installed BBClone. I could spend some time here trying to come up with a good description of what BBClone is, but how could I top the developers' own description, "A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids?"

The thing that impressed me most about BBClone is that not only does it tell you what browser a visitor was using, but it tells you right down to what Mozilla calls the "release" number. So, in the report I saw things like "Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3." While some might consider this overkill, I consider it downright cool – especially since my personal referral log reports simply Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or "who cares?" Even my favorite log file analyzer, AWStats, doesn't provide that level of detail (yet).

If you're looking for a good referral tracking solution, it looks like BBClone is worth its weight in gold.


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