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Posted on April 01, 2003 6:15 AM in Browsers
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Well, I submitted another bug to Bugzilla today. Mozilla 1.3 seems to have some very strange scrolling problems when it comes to textareas. I notice this particularly when writing emails and trying to select a large amount of text to delete (e.g. from the quoted original email) while using a web-based email service. I've setup a nice little demo of the problem that illustrates the problem quite nicely. In Mozilla, clicking and dragging down to the bottom of the textarea (in the actual box, not with the scrollbar) scrolls the entire textarea but then continues on down the page, scrolling the HTML window itself. This often gets the browser into a weird state that is a little awkward to get out of (it is hard to scroll after this happens). If you take a look at the same example in Internet Explorer, you'll notice it behaves as expected. Only the textarea is scrolled, but not the entire web page.


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